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God Never Gives Up

This morning Mom was able to eat more food than she has eaten in a very long time. She ate half of her breakfast which for her is a huge feat. Since Mom is still clearing food trauma when she is able to eat it is a very big deal. Whenever Mom eats food all of Creation cheers her on. Even though food is not a big deal to her anymore she is still in a physical body that requires food for the nutrients so she has to eat in order to keep moving planetary energies. Also, Mom's fever has been high for some moments throughout the day. FM has been helping the best he can to keep Mom stable during these moments.

Mom is assisting the best she can with FM so that he can fully embody the divine masculine qualities. FM still has moments where he dips into lower energetics which Mom is helping transform. She does not have many moments to wait for a divine masculine to come online as she keeps moving the energies forward for the ascension process. There is only one timeline now and it is with Mom, so those not choosing the highest timeline with Mom will continue to spiral lower into the ego rather than choosing to rise with the vibrations.

Whether you are aware of it or not the energies on the planet are increasing each moment. Mom is brining in so much energy to make this ascension possible. Mom has shared how big this spring equinox is, and this portal is going to be huge. Mom also shared she has witnessed many beings fall away during these times because they cannot handle the energies that are coming in. We all must make the choice to embody our higher selves and choose love. Once we do that we are stepping into our roles as the co-creators of the New Earth. This is why we came down here in this lifetime, to assist in the grandest event in all of Creation. Mom is making this all possible for all of us, and we are so grateful. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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