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Humanities Resistance to The New Paradigm

This morning Mom was told by St. Germain that she needed to eat as soon as possible. This prompted Mom to get food right away and as soon as she finished eating her fever began to spike. Her fever hit 107 and it stayed high for most of the day. Mom was unable to get into water which would have helped greatly during these times. Mom was unsure why the fever was spiking, then she was informed by the Galactics that the fever was caused by humanities resistance to the New Paradigm energies that Mom brought in the day before. Humanity would rather stay in fear, pain and suffering than be on a planet filled with love and harmony. Despite the challenges Mom continues to fight onward, knowing that everything she is doing will complete this ascension.

Mom shared that humanity would rather God die than surrender and be love. She feels this was the final attempt before the spring equinox to kill her. She could feel the energy coming at her and she knew that it was an assassination attempt. This is how deep the ego programming is, it is desperate to kill the embodiment of pure love. We are grateful for all of the support in these moments, and send all of our love to Mom in these moments. Thank you to all of those choosing love, egos cannot stop what is coming because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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