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High Energies Coming In

Tomorrow is one of Mom's power days so she has been preparing to bring the energies in for it. When Mom can feel the energy coming in you know it is going to be a big shift. All day the schumann resonance has been off the charts because of all the energy Mom is bringing into the planet right now. She was on Skype this morning explaining to everyone what was going on, and how important it was to stay centered in these energies. All of the energies of the spring equinox are coming in and during high energetic times like this Mom has witnessed many beings fall away because they cannot handle the energies.

A few interesting events happened today while Mom was bringing in these energies. First my laptop charger sparked and almost caught on fire which showed how powerful these energies are. Next, right after Mom shared her vision of seeing all of the energies shooting out of her third eye and setting off fireworks I went onto Instagram. When I opened it there was a photo someone posted of fireworks going off and Mom in the middle with a purple energy coming out of her third eye. Lastly, later that night at the same time I broke a glass Aurora broke a plate in the kitchen. Whenever glass breaks it signifies that there is high energies coming in.

We are so grateful to all of those supporting love and embodying their higher selves to manifest in the co-creation of the New Earth with Mom. We are so blessed and honored to witness these amazing moments unfolding on the planet. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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