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Off With Her Head

Mom has been doing better today. She was able to get into the hot tub today which helped her greatly. The water helps her move energy and process which is super crucial for her healing. Mom's fever has been lower today which is another victory. Each step during Mom's healing is a major one, each moment Mom is still down here with us is a victory in and of itself. Those who are not witnessing Mom's Mission in the physical cannot fully grasp what is unfolding in these moments.

Mom shared a vision she had today of her cutting of Lilith's head. Lilith is the dark feminine that all of humanity is serving instead of God. A lot of beings think Lucifer is behind it all but it is actually Lilith. She came to Mom and had snakes coming out of her hair. Before she could do anything Mom cut her head off. This happens in the etheric realm so even though Mom did it in another dimension humanity has to choose to serve God and Love, not the lower dark energetics. If humanity chooses to serve the lower the Lilith energies can allow them to still be on the planet.

We are so grateful for everything Mom is doing for us in these moments. Without her this ascension would not be possible. Thank you to everyone choosing love in these moments. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!

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