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Top Secret

Mom has been in stasis for the majority of the day. She has been doing a bunch of energy work in the Etheric realm. She woke up a few times to eat which was amazing to hear. Mom has not been able to eat much lately, so her eating is a huge accomplishment. When she woke up she shared with the team that she cannot disclose what energy work she was doing at this time. Mom said that if she shared what energy work she was doing it could disrupt the field. The Galactics have never told Mom to not share what energy work she was doing, so she is surprised about that.

It will be interesting when Mom reveals what energy work she was doing all day. With the energy of the spring equinox and the full moon at play, the energy pouring into the planet right now is intense. Mom shared it is important to stay centered in these energies by staying in the present moment of now. We all are capable of embodying of higher selves, and choosing love. These are the moments to do so!

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