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Full Moon and Spring Equinox Energies Coming In

This morning Mom also spent in stasis. She is continuing to bring in energies from the full moon and the equinox. The energetic work she has been doing still cannot be revealed. Mom has been bringing in energies for the spring equinox, and a lot of channelers have been talking about it. Even if the channelers bypass that Mom is doing all of the work it is still a big confirmation from Mom that beings out in 3D are feeling the energies she is bringing in. Also Mom had a vision of all of humanity with their backs toward her while they all served Lilith. All of humanity continues to serve the dark rather than Mom because they are choosing the ego mind over the heart. Each one of us has a choice every moment to either choose God and Love or serve the lower ego energetics. We all have the opportunity to step up and be love, however we must choose it for ourselves.

Sending everyone all the love during the full moon and spring equinox energies. Thank you Mom for making this possible, we are so grateful. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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