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No Disclosure Yet

The energies today have been more stable than they have been the past few days. Mom still has not revealed the big energetic work she has been doing the past few days. Mom did share briefly that she saw herself closing off the portal between 3D and 5D so that egos could no longer mess up any of her New Paradigm energetics. Mom does not understand how humanity is choosing the lower ego energetics rather than choosing love. Mom continues to do all of the energetic work to make this ascension possible, despite the resistance from humanity. Mom will keep fighting until she succeeds or that the ego kills her. Either one she is okay with at this point because she has completed her Mission down here in this lifetime. Humanity now has the final choice if they would like to step up into their higher selves or not.

We are so grateful for Mom and everything she has done for us to make this all possible. We are so grateful for all of the support in these moments, we love you all so much. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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