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The Reveal

After many days of energetic work Mom finally revealed to everyone the work she was doing behind the scenes. Mom removed all of the Lilith energies from the planet for good. Mom shared that Lilith is the dark feminine who humanity is serving instead of her. Many beings are aware of Lucifer and how the Cabal serve him however Lilith is the main dark energetic that was controlling all the lower energies on the planet. All of the energies of pain, war, fear, pain and suffering were being kept on the planet because of this dark feminine energetic. She took all of the energies off the planet with the help of St. Germain. This took many days and finally Germain said that she had done it.

Now that the energies are gone humanity has nothing else to hold onto. They must choose love and step up because there are no lower energetics to feed anymore on the planet. Even if we cannot see the energetics on the planet Mom is able to. Once these energies were removed the energies began pushing full force forward to the New Paradigm. However, each being much make the choice to participate in this ascension process because we all agreed to do so.

We love you Mom so much, and are grateful for all of the energetic work you do for all of humanity to make this ascension possible. As always we are grateful for all of your support in these moments as Mom is taking it all on for all of us so we don't have to. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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