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Mom's Vacation Spot

Today 4 of us went down to visit Mom at her vacation spot to bring her a few items that she needed. It was awesome to see the place she is staying in for the week, it is big and beautiful, a place Mom truly deserves. Peter, a team member from South Africa, flew in the night before so we got to meet him as well. We spent the afternoon with Mom by the pool, and she was in high spirits. She was able to go out and about this morning but she can only do so for a few hours.

Later in the evening we ordered Mom a bunch of food from the Cheesecake Factory. She tried all of the different foods and ate more than she anticipated. Her fever began spiking and her feet were releasing energy so all of the masculine were working with assisting her. Not too long after eating Mom went to sleep for a few hours. When she got up she still had a bit of a fever and there was a spot on her back that was hurting her.

It is hard to see Mom like this so often because she deserves to be pain free so she can enjoy he planet. It is not fair that humanity gets to enjoy everything while Mom takes on all of the energies for majority of the planet. Mom represents each one of us, and it is time she gets treated like she deserves. We are grateful for all of your support and we send all of our healing light to Mom, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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