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The Search for Stability

Mom is adjusting to and dealing with her foot that is broken. Mom is also dealing with root chakra damage due to the instability of having a permanent home. Since the root chakra is the key charka in manifesting in the physical the Cabal attacked Mom as much as they could in her root charka. This makes it more challenging for Mom to bring in all of the energy from the etheric realm into the physical.

This has been an ongoing battle with Mom for years as she is constantly having to move around. Due to not having a stable place to live Mom cannot push the energies around the planet from a singular place which makes it more challenging. The slower Mom is able to physically manifest the energies she is bringing into the planet the slower the ascension process. Mom is at the forefront of this ascension and all of the energies coming in for this ascension come from Mom. She is the physical bridge between the etheric and the physical realms.

Mom is also dealing with the instability of no masculine being fully online. This is also challenging for Mom because she holds all of the feminine energies on the planet so at least one masculine must come online to balance it out. We send all of our love to Mom, Fm and Peter during these moments. Support to the first fractal while they go through these experiences is crucial. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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