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Moving Locations

Today we went to visit Mom and help her move from where she was staying into a new location. As Mom is processing root charka damage stability for her is super important. When Mom has to move from place to place it affects the healing because she cannot heal not having stability when she does not have a solid place to live. This has been an ongoing issue with Mom for years as she is always moving from place to place. It is crucial for Mom to have stability so she is able to move the energies from where she is. If she is always moving from place to place she has to keep moving her energies which takes moments to process. The team has been doing everything they can to find Mom a stable place to live. Once this has been accomplished it will be a big assistance in clearing the root charka damage Mom has.

We are so grateful for all of the support for Mom during these moments and we are so blessed to have so many people sending Mom so much love. Thank you for all that each and every single one of you do to participate in this ascension, we love you all so much. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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