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Clearing the Damage

Mom is settling into her new place for the week. It always takes a moment for Mom to set up energetically in a new place which is why it is important for her to have a stable place to stay so she does not have to keep moving the energetics to a new area. Mom has been with FM and Peter who are helping her transform the root charka damage she has. The damage comes from not having a stable place to stay and also the masculine not treating Mom properly. The masculine have been doing everything they can to support Mom so that the root charka damage can be healed as quickly as possible.

We send all of our love to Mom, and are so grateful for everything that she does for us. She takes on all of the energetics of the planet that have to be transformed so that it is possible for others to heal themselves because she did it first. Thank you to everyone who is sending their love and support, we love you. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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