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The Block Has Been Identified

Today Mom was able to identify the main block to her healing and the ascension of the planet. The major block is the white trash programing which is the deepest ego programing on the planet. Both Peter and FM have the white trash programming, so it is on them to transform it for the collective. Whatever happens in the first fractal will trickle down to the other fractals and then the collective. FM and Peter transforming the white trash programming is crucial because if they can transform the deepest programing that means that the rest of humanity will be able to.

The white trash programming is deep, it is everything that is the exact opposite of love. It was created to make it extremely challenging for beings to recognize Mom in a physical body. Since the major energetic of the white trash programming is hatred, it makes beings who embody this programming close to impossible to see Mom in a physical body. This was created by the Cabal so that people would not be able to see Mom and they would reject her rather than accepting her. We send all of our love and support to the first fractal as they transform this energetic for 8 billion people. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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