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Stepping into The New Paradigm

Mom finally got an update on the status on what happened to her foot from the Galactics. St. Germain told Mom that her right foot is broken. This has to do with the spring equinox energies and also the masculine not stepping up into their divinity. At this point in the Mission all Mom needs is one divine masculine to come online to balance her energies out since she holds all of the divine feminine energies. Mom has been working with the masculine as best she can to help them come online fully into their divinity. The programming is deep and Mom has to train the masculine properly as how the masculine were raised in 3D is completely backwards. Mom has to start at the base with the masculine and work them back up to remembering the divinity that they really are. There is nobody as patient as Mom and she is so patient to help everyone who seeks her assistance during these moments of transition into the New Paradigm.

We send all of our love to Mom and pray that her foot heals quickly. This is another attempt to stop Mom and all of the energy she is trying to move for this ascension. This all could not be possible without Mom, and we are very grateful. LOVE HAS WON!

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