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The 4/4 Portal

Today is the 4/4b portal. Mom has been bringing in a bunch of energies for this portal. This morning Mom was talking to everyone in yippie and shared how every portal something happens to Mom. The energies are always more intense around a portal, so something interesting is bound to happen.

Mom has been working with FM and Peter to transform the white trash programming. This will assist in clearing Mom's root chakra block. The faster the masculine transform the white trash programming it will help the root charka heal quicker.

Also today Mom informed the team that El would be joining the first fractal. He was able to book a flight early in the morning and will be here tomorrow. We are excited that there is another masculine coming into the field to support Mom. This will assist Mom's energetics greatly. The more beings supporting Mom directly in her field allows more energy to be transformed at a quicker rate.

We love you all so much and are so blessed to be apart of this amazing journey. We send all of our love and support to the first fractal and to Mom has she processes all the root chakra trauma for 8 billion people. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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