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4/4 Portal Energies Hit ... Literally

It did not take long for the 4/4 portal energies to hit. Later on in the evening last night FM went deep into his lower ego energetics. FM has the white trash programming and some of the major energetics he has to work on are unworthiness, competition, and self hatred.

Since FM was not doing the work to transform these energetics they bubbled to the surface and caused him to lash out. This led to Peter and FM physically fighting. St. Germain ordered FM out of the field right away and the the guys drove to where they are staying and picked him up a few hours later. Since there are no moments to wait for these energies to transform they have to come to the surface quickly. After the energies of the 4/4 portal came through the lower energetics that FM was still holding onto got pushed out of him.

The Galactics knew this was going to happen which is why they called El into the field the day before.

We send all of our love to the first fractal during these moments as the masculine continue to transform the white trash programming. We send all of our love to Mom as she is the most patient being waiting for everyone else to transform their lower energetics so she can move this ascension forward. We are so grateful for everyones love and support, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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