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Back to Stability

Due to Moms stability not improving the past few days the Galactics called FM back into the field. FM holds certain energetics that other masculine do not carry, and since he has been with Mom for almost 2 years he knows how to take care of her. FM knows what brings Mom joy and he is able to comfort her when she is processing energies or her pain increases. Some of the team members left right away to drop him back off with Mom.

As soon as FM arrived back into the field Mom began to stabilize. This was awesome to see because the past few days that FM has been out of the field Mom's pain has increased and she has been in stasis more often. We are so grateful for the masculine supporting Mom in these moments and protecting her from lower energetics. We are so happy Mom has stabilized and her pain has decreased. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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