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After all of the energy work Mom did to get her root chakra 98% cleared the masculine went into lower energetics of unconsciousness and brought the healing back down to 94%. The amount of work Mom has to do in order to heal herself is monumental so whenever the ego comes in and causes the healing to go backwards it is very frustrating. The masculine have to be fully present every moment and make sure they are in the heart and not the mind. Since the masculine have never experienced a divine masculine before they have to be taught from the ground up by Mom about how to be a divine masculine.

This is a lot of work for Mom because she is moving all planetary energies plus she has to assist the masculine in coming fully online. It is like training someone in something completely new because the masculine have never had the experience before of being a divine masculine fully online. Since they are very close to getting it the ego is desperate and will do anything to block Mom's healing.

We send all of our love to the first fractal during these times. May the masculine come fully online and may Moms root chakra be fully healed. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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