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Doing it All Alone

Mom continued to push energies all day and use all of her energy to bring her root chakra healing back up to 98%. This required her to stay up all night in order to do this. The masculine attempted to keep up with the energies all night however they all ended up falling asleep at some point. Mom had to do all of the work alone with not much assistance. This sadly is nothing new for Mom as she has been doing all of the work for the ascension by herself. The masculine know that they are there to help and are not happy they fell asleep and we not helping her. Every moment is a chance for growth so they learned their lessons and are moving forward.

We are so blessed and honored to support Mom every way that we can. We are happy she has a support team with her to help, and send all of our love to the first fractal so that the masculine can come fully online and anchor in their divinity. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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