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Fun Filled Day

Mom had to move locations today from where she was staying at to a house that is close by. Even though the move is not that far Mom still has to move the energies from where she was staying to her new location.

Before moving to the new space Mom took some of the masculine to an amusement park. Mom had an amazing time and was able to go on a few of the rides. Some of the rides she was not able to go on because her body is so fragile. She did have a moment of processing some of the energies around her but when she found a more isolated area of the park she was a lot better. Overall Mom enjoyed her day at the amusement park and was able to have high states of joy.

After the amusement park Mom went into stasis to process the energies of the day and to process the move to a new location. We are so grateful Mom had an amazing day and we are grateful to everyone who supports her to make these things possible. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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