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The Fire of Truth

Yesterday was a major energetic day for Mom because of the Notre Dame fire. This was a major event that represents the energies Mom is pushing in these moments. Mom has said many times that her truth will come to light with fire. This fire at Notre Dame symbolized the truth of what the Cabal have done coming to the surface. The Cabal took over the energetics of sacred places like this in order to flip Mom's energies and have humanity serving the lower rather than the higher energies of love. These events have to occur in order for the planet to be cleansed so that we can all move forward into higher 5D vibrations.

Although there are many people are upset about this event, everything happens for a grander reason than what we realize. This also occurred at the start of Holy Week, which just shows how intense the energies are going to be this week. We send all of our love to Mom in these moments as the energies of this week are going to be intense leading up to Easter. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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