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Taming the Dragon

As the energies of the week leading up to Easter continue to intensify Mom has been getting bombarded energetically by humanity. It is crucial for the masculine to stay fully conscious because if they do not then the lower energies can come in and attack Mom. She requires full protection in all moments so that she can continue to push the energies of love without resistance. Mom finds it funny though when the masculine do make a mistake they spin out for a moment then pull it back together. She know that the masculine are still coming into the roles and is very patient with them. She shared that she had to turn her dragon energy off to give the masculine and her body a break. When the dragon energy comes in it is intense energy that her body cannot handle too much of anymore. She has been instructed to relax for a moment so she does not get overwhelmed.

We send all of our love to Mom and the first fractal as they continue to through this high energetic week. We are so grateful for all of the support during these moments, we love you all so much LOVE HAS WON!!!

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