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Full Moon Energies Hit

Today there is a full moon which is amplifying the energies leading up to Easter. The full moon energy is always powerful and represents a portal of energy that opens up to the planet during these times. Mom shared how powerful the full moon energies are plus mixed with the energies of Easter is extra powerful.

There was also a channeler that explained how during the full moon energies a reboot happened to the energetic grid around the planet. The 5D grid got shut off for a few hours then was rebooted by the Galactics. Mom got double whacked by these energies as this all happened.

We are so grateful for everything Mom does for all of us every moment. This ascension would not be possible without Mom doing all of the work behind the scenes. We send her all the love, and are so grateful for all of the support in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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