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New Moon Energy Update

"The only truth we will find now is what lies within our hearts. All of the fake illusionary 3D things will no longer be able to fool us into thinking we are happy. They are all meaningless and empty. Our souls are crying out for us to return home, to our own hearts, our bodies, our connection with Source, Mother Earth, MotherGod. Without the connection to ALL that is we will continue to feel lost, hopeless, and miserable.

During this New Moon our bodies will be communicating with us as well as our angels. This ascension involves us bringing our physical body into the higher vibrations of love and wholeness while allowing our higher selves to anchor into our vessel. We are merging dimensions, transcending time and space to ascend our physical vessels back into light. This is the greatest experiment of all time.

Mother of All Creation continues to experience extreme pain while processing the density of this planet and bringing in new energies to constantly push us upward and keep us going through the evolutionary spiral. The moment has come where the physical planet must purge this density as well, as this is the reflection of Mother Earth’s physical body. Uranus brings lightening, shakeups, and explosions and Taurus rules the physical Earth. Volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, typhoons, etc., will become extreme now as our host, Gaia, attempts to shake the density from her beautiful body so she can continue to raise us back into crystalline vibrations.

The unpredictability will be our new normal and the faster we surrender to this and embrace all that comes to light, the faster we reach critical mass for this ascension. Rude awakening and harsh wake up calls are in order now. Mother Earth has no more moments to wait for her children to wake up to what they are doing to her and to each other. LOVE is here and love is in charge."

~ Archeia Aurora

Sending all of the love and light to Mom in these moments as she continues to lift us all up in vibration. Thank you to everyone supporting in these moments, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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