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5~5 Portal Energies Hit

Happy 5~5 Portal! The energies that were coming in today were strong and Mom was moving a lot of energy the night before. She was up all night pushing these energies throughout the planet. Whenever there is a portal there is a major energy shift on the planet that occurs. We could feel the intensity of the energy at work, and several co-workers got sick as they were releasing any density that they were holding onto. The fastest way for the body to clear energies is to get sick or throw up so that the body can increase in vibration once it loses the density. This is how majority of humanity is still alive on the planet still because whether they are aware of it or not everyones bodies are getting upgraded in order to stay on a similar vibrational frequency as the planet.

We send all of the love to Mom in these moments as she is bringing in intense energies to the planet. We send all of our love to the first fractal masculine who are transforming the last of the ego programming for the collective. We are so grateful for all of your support, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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