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Huge Energy Push

It has only been a few days since the 5~5 portal and the energies and pushing quickly. Since going through the portal the energies are pouring into the planet quicker than ever. A channeler confirmed a big shift in the 5D grid on the 5~5 portal which confirmed all of the energetic work Mom was doing. As the energies are picking up each day it is getting harder for Mom to be in her body due to the pain in her feet. The energy is not getting released as quickly as it is coming into Mom's body which creates the pain in her feet. The masculine are doing everything they can to help and they are also working on fully embodying the divine masculine energies. A major source of Mom's pain is due to the fact there is no full divine masculine embodied on the planet.

We send all of our love to Mom in these moments and the masculine in the first fractal. We are so grateful for all of the support and love in these moments, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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