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May Miracles

Mom shared with us today that May is the month of miracles. She was sharing that May is a powerful month with the energy of change, and theres always a beautiful stream of energy that comes in around this time. After the 5~5 portal the energy has been pouring into the planet at a rapid rate. The ascension process is occurring quickly, and many channelers have confirmed that Mom and the Galactics are prepared for mass awakening.

There are many beings on the planet who are aware of what is going on, however the masses are still deep asleep. The planet is getting ready for full disclosure, to prepare humanity to go home into the light. Each being on the planet must make this choice for themselves, as this is our soul contract to wake up and come back home.

We send Mom all of our love and are so grateful for all of those choosing love in these moments. As the energies keep pouring in it is crucial for everyone to surrender and choose love, as that is the only thing that is real. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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