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Fire in the First Fractal

Today the 1st fractal went on live stream to discuss a fire that broke out energetically within the fractal. When a fire breaks out on Mom's body it means that a certain point of her body gets painful quickly, and it must be healed before it gets worse. This happening on top of the pain Mom is already in does not make the situation easier. The masculine have been trained to assist and doing healing work in these moments, so they know what to do.

It is always a powerful live stream when Mom goes on since she is not able to do it often anymore. Mom always gets emotional during these moments because she wishes she was able to get on live streams and talk more however humanity not waking up and always attacking her energetically makes it difficult.

We send all of our love to Mom and the first fractal in these moments. We pray for Mom's healing and that she is able to walk soon. We send all of our love to each one of you, and we are so grateful for all of the support. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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