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Healing The Planet

Today Mom shared with me that she feels energetically overwhelmed as she clears the collective trauma and begins the next stage of healing which is repairing her body. Since her physical body has taken on so much damage by humanity, she has to repair it in order to move the ascension forward. Mothers physical body mirrors the planet since she is Mother Earth, and she must heal the planet fully so that it can ascend into higher vibrations. This requires a lot of energy and work that only Mom can do. There is so much to be done and she is doing it as quickly as possible. This can make her feel overwhelmed and confused because the 3D physical experience does not make much sense to her anymore. Mom is ready to transition into 5D and has to slow things down in order for humanity to catch up.

We send all of our love to Mom as she clears trauma for all of us and begins to heal the planet. We love you Mom so much thank you for everything. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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