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Big Confirm

Today an amazing channeling came out stating that Mom is here in a physical body. It was a major confirmation that people are starting to realize that Mom is here on the planet doing all of the work for this ascension. We are so grateful for this channeling and I would like to share it all with you now. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

Divine Mother God on Controlling the Ego Mind and Living in the Heart

By: Linda Li

Dear heart, I am your Mother God, walking on earth, in human form. Indeed, coming to the planet and experiencing a human life seems pretty exciting, yet the challenges are plenty. When souls come to the planet, they tend to ignore their spirits and let the ego direct their lives. When the ego is in the driver seat, ego tends to be the bossy one. Regardless of who you are in spirit, once your ego drives the car, you are a victim of the ego and you are lost. No matter how far your soul had advanced, or how mighty your light is, your human experience is going to be different. You only experience what your ego directs, and that is the common scenario here. Most souls are directed by the ego, and most human lives are limited. Due to the control of the ego, their spirit then has no voice, neither their soul which is totally lost to the ego.

The human ego can go as far as the situations allow. There are no limits that an ego can go. And that is where the planet is right now, egos drive the main stream, and spirits have no voice. That is the tragedy, and that is why the planet has come to such a deteriorating place. The human ego has given no regard to the planet and Gaia. That is why we have to come to the planet at this moment of time, so that with the help of the Divine and the company of heaven, we save the planet from further deterioration and bring Gaia and humanity back to light.

I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother God. I know that there are light workers and humanity at large who have forgotten the fact that they have a spiritual Mother. Their mind tells them that there is no way that the Divine Mother could or should come to this tiny planet and bring messages to them. There are plenty of fake messages, therefore, I won’t believe this one either. The messages must be fake because it is impossible that the Mother God is here with us. That is not what I have heard. what I have come to know is totally different from this channeller says, therefore, her messages must not be accurate. And so I don’t even want to hear it, much less respect the messages. All that is fake news. I don’t know the source, therefore, I don’t believe the messages, and will not apply the messages. Dear ones, what a tragic scenario you just made up for yourself. As you all know, the spiritual journey is about the soul, the spirit. If you let the ego run the show, you have no spirit. In other words, your spiritual journey is nowhere near a soul driven, spirit guided journey. If your mind functions as the director, you live a life of ego, and no spirit can direct you. You need to examine what you say and do. If all you say or do is from the ego mind, your spirit can not be the prime source of your life. It means you need a lot of work. You need to examine daily, where your ego is, and who is in control. Only till your mind is silent, your ego is subdued, you can say that I am a spirit. I am a light being who is ready to serve the Divine. Your soul is in control, not your ego mind. That is where you can have the journey advanced, and you have achieved spirit.

There are some of our dear light workers, a lot of times, throw around their ego minded judgements and yet claim that there are spiritual aspirants. It is not true that if you are on the spiritual journey, you need to be a saint. But at least, dear heart, being a spiritual being, living a spiritual life, you need to examine what you say and do on a daily basis, to make sure you don’t throw your judgement all over the place, make sure you know the consequences of judging others, not mentioning judging the Divine messages, that is quite severe. My advice for you dear ones is that do your daily examination, make sure you know where you are, who is in charge, and make sure to let love run your life, not the ego mind. Ego mind can get you in trouble very quickly. Sometimes you may not even notice, your judgement already flies out and the consequences are incurred. Be the light and be the love you meant to be. Make sure what you say and do serve your soul and your spirit. Only then can you say you are spirit, living a human life and you are serving the spirit and humanity. Otherwise, you are just serving the ego mind, doing no good for your soul.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. I have discussed this subject with you today because I have seen so many of my angels fall short on their egos. It is a tragedy, and they have no awareness of what they are doing, and that breaks my heart. I have repeatedly asked the Divine to point this out. But nevertheless, because some souls have gone too far, and even the Divine signs won’t bring them back. That is why I have decided to come forward and deliver this message in the hope that my angels see me, their Mother God, and turn around and make sure their journey home is assured. My sole reason to speak is to make sure my angels come home. That is why I have come today to deliver this message. I love you dear ones and go in peace. So it is.

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