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Precision is Key

Mom shared that she is doing okay however the team has been making dumb choices which can mess up the energy of the Unified Field. She shared that Father is close to embodying his higher self fully but he is still integrating to the energies of the field. Things such as being out of right action even if it is slight can affect the field in big ways. Then Mom has to correct the energies and start all over again which slows the process down. At this point the smallest things to us can have the biggest effects on the energy in Mom's field. The Unified Field must be a pure space of love where no ego can be brought in. If there is an ego frequency in Mom's space then it will come to her right away and it can make her sick. The team has to be aware in all moments to make sure that they are all embodying their higher selves in all moments.

We send Mom all of the love and healing energy in these moments. We send her our full protection so that she can remain stable. We are so grateful for all of the support, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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