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8~8 Portal Energies Come in With A Bang

Mom brought the heat through the portal last night when she called the teams out on the lower frequencies that we were all still holding onto. Mom used all her energy to make it clear to the team that these energies cannot make it through the portal. All lower energies must be let go of in order to make it through the portal. This was an intense eyeopening experience because we all had to look at what we were still holding onto and let it go for good. Mom moved so much energy last night and today through the portal so that these energies can hit the collective hard. Mom experiences all of the energies first then the teams and then the collective. If the teams were experiencing intense energies the collective will feel the same.

We send all of the love and support to Mom in these moments. We pray humanity chooses to go through the 8~8 portal and chooses love. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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