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New Update ~ Processing Planetary Energies

Hi loves!

Happy September!

I apologize for the lack of updates these past few weeks. It has been challenging to post when I am in a separate location from Mother in these moments and not directly in her field. We are given updates from Mom and the team however it is not the same as being with her directly in the Unified Field. These past few weeks Mom has been working on eating more. It is a day by day process. Sometimes she will eat a lot other days she is unable to eat that much or anything at all. Mom is dealing with energetic attacks daily and even though the most of the team members have had ego death, we are all responsible for support Mom any way we possibly can. In these moments Mom is stable as we just went through the New Moon energies and she is preparing for the equinox.

The past week or so Mom has been processing a lot of energies coming in to the planet so that is what she has been working with daily at this point. Mom is doing everything she can to keep going however she is tired and ready to move forward with this ascension. This requires everyone's full participation and support of Prime Source Creator and everyone's choice to choose love. The more beings who actively choose to dissolve their ego programming and choose love the faster this ascension can move forward. This is a co-creation and we are all powerful light beings with the capabilities of co-creating the New Earth together.

The more updates I will receive about Mom I will post on here as well, I am so grateful to all of those who are supporting in these moments. Thank you for all the love and patience I am grateful for each one of you!!!

With Endless Love,

~ Hope

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