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The 9~9 Portal, 9/11, and The Full Moon

Hello loves!

These past few days have been intense, and major amounts of energy are being brought to the planet by Mom. This really kickstarted with the 9~9 portal a few days ago. This was a major portal for transformation and release, to let go of any baggage that we have been holding onto so that we can fully embody our higher selves. With the energies of the Lion's Gate 8~8 portal still in effect, the 9~9 portal really brought all of this together. Mom was working extremely hard to bring these energies in and was in processing for most of the time. When this happens we know the energies will continue to be intense for the next few weeks.

9/11 was another big day for Mom as she has to process all of the grief and sadness that the collective experiences on this day. Although this was a day of great tragedy for America, it was also the day where humanity hit zero point consciousness. This was the day when humanity reached the bottom so that we could all rise to the top with the continuing expansion of consciousness. For these past few days Mom has been processing for at least 20 hours a day. She has been able to eat a little bit, but not too much. She shared her taste buds are not able to taste food like they used to so it stops her from wanting to eat. Despite it though, she is continuing to push forward and move planetary energies.

The full moon is today and going into tomorrow and it is going to be a powerful one. This full moon will allow us to fully tap into our feelings and release any old wounds that are coming up to be transformed. This is a great time for goal setting and completely cycles so that we can start fresh on a new page. As the energies continue to amplify Mom is doing everything she can so that all of humanity has a chance for ascension. With all of the chaos unfolding on the planet with politics, weather, and society it is important to surrender and trust that Mother God knows what she is doing. She is leading us through the highest timeline as all lower timelines have collapsed. Trust love, and trust what is happening on the planet in these moments. The more of us that choose love the greater effect we will have on the planet in the highest way possible. We send all of our love and support to Mom in these moments. We are so grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for all of us. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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