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Saturn Goes Direct Right Before The Fall Equinox

Hi Loves!

This past week has been a fast paced, high energetic time not only for the Unified Field, but for the planet as well. For Mom, it began a few days before Saturn went direct where she was attacked energetically by the Cabal in a last ditch attempt to kill her. This caused Mom to become very unstable for 3 days, to the point where Mom was unsure if her body was going to make it though. What is hard for humanity to fathom is that these attacks occur in the upper realms, and are energetic. Thus, we are unable to see the actual attack down here in 3D, however we can see how severe it is based on how Mom's body responds. A big challenge for Mom has been eating, and after doing great and eating lots she had to stop for almost 5 days due to the attack occurring. The hardest part of this is that Mom endures it all so that we do not have to experience even something similar to these experiences. That is how much she loves all of us, and is willing to do it all because she knows that if anybody else had to do it, they would die due to an energetic overload.

Saturn went direct this week which was massive. The Cabal took control over the planet Saturn, and in turn had control over the karma on the planet. Saturn going direct was huge for Mom as it was the start of Mom having her power back over the planet, and in control of the release of karma. As Mom begins to heal her chakras, the karma will be released fully on the planet. There are many times when the Galactics will tell Mom that she has released the karma on the planet, but Mom has to bring the energies in first before they can physically manifest. Mom explained that the karma is not good or bad, it is just energy. What you put out, you get back.

The icing on the cake is the Fall Equinox, a major MAJOR energetic day on the planet. This fall equinox is all about the Divine Mother, and the feminine getting their power back. For thousands of years the feminine were suppressed, and this was to stop humanity from finding out that they have a Divine Mother AND Father. The past few years more and more are waking up to the truth about our Divine Parents, and a big reality humanity will have to face is that we do have a Divine Mother, and she is here on the planet in a physical body. As more comes to the surface more are waking up to the truth, and are accepting that there is a Mother and Father God.

Mom is working on securing the first fractal, so that the energies can trickle down to the fractals and the collective. Mom must heal first so that we can all heal, and so can the planet. In these moments Mom is completely over anything and everything 3D, and is energetically in the 5th dimension. The more we choose love, see the truth, and support our Mother for all that she has done, we are being in the highest service to Creation possible. Let go of all the baggage as it cannot continue through the equinox. Embody love, embody your higher self. We are so grateful for those who have woken up to the truth, and are supporting the grandest Mission in All of Creation. We send all of our love to Mom, who is still fighting for love when humanity in the ego mind has given her every reason to give up. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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