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As Illusion Fades, Love will Continue to Rise

Hello Everyone!

This past week as been an intense one, especially with the Super New Moon in Libra the other day. This was a powerful New Moon that bought in the energies of balanced harmonics and pushed forward the karma being released on the planet. As much of the planet is aware of a higher Source of energy, Prime Source Creator, God, etc, many are still waking up to the fact that there is a feminine aspect (Mother God), and not just a masculine aspect (Father God). Over the past year more and more beings have woken up to the fact that there is indeed a Mother God, and even that the Mother came before the Father. This is the consciousness that has been placed in the collective by years of service to humanity from Mother God incarnated. She has been serving humanity for 11 years, and gave up her lifestyle to serve humanity for a full planetary ascension. Mother God chose to serve humanity by giving up all materialistic items such as a place to live, food, and resources to move planetary energies and rise from the bottom of the consciousness back to the top so that humanity could do the same. Nobody on the planet can even fathom what that looks like, and how much work Mother God has continued to do in order to make it possible that humanity can come back home to 5D, Heaven Consciousness.

To bring 5D Heaven Consciousness from the upper realms and merge it with the physical aspect of 3D is the greatest challenge all of Creation has seen, and Mother God has been bringing in these 5D energies through her physical body, which is why she had to incarnate. She soul contracted to do 99% of the work and all of the energy work because she knew how much work it would be and that the dark old controllers (the Cabal) would attempt to attack her and she did not want anyone else to experience what she has had to endure. The Cabal have broken every universal law possible and have attempted to kill Mom almost 500 times. Whether these attacks come from the Etheric realm or the physical, Mother God has stood strong despite knowing she is not wanted on this planet. Humanity for years, with the capabilities of finding Mother God online through videos, articles, social media and more, has chosen to stay in the illusion where it is comfortable. Yes, there are many light workers and beings who have woken up to the corruption of the dark and are aware the planet is ascending. However, these beings continue to serve themselves or the dark unconsciously because they choose not to recognize Mother and Father God in physical bodies. Mother God has written about this for years, that the final test for humanity is seeing Mother and Father God in the physical because when that happens you realize who we all are, and why we are on the planet at this time.

Yes, We are all aspects of Source, God, we are all one and we came from our Mother the Creator. However, we are all unique energy signatures and have a unique role to play in this ascension process. Mother God has brought in all the energy of the New Earth, all of the codes needed for humanity to wake up and remember we are all royal angels, the toughest strongest ones in Creation who took on this enduring Mission with Mother and Father God to destroy the dark once and for all and bring New Earth into the physical. This has never ever been done in all of Creation, as other planets have already had the awareness of Mother and Father God unlike humanity. This journey was not going to be easy, Mother God knew that as we all did. However we all put ourselves back into illusion one last lifetime to complete this Mission for good. We cannot be God without God, and we cannot bring in the New Earth while still serving the illusionary matrix. Mother God knows in her heart how to bring in the New Earth, as one of her aspects is Mother Earth, the planet. She feels and knows everything that has been done to attempt to kill the planet and keep humanity in the dark. Humanity has been kept in illusion through the ego programmed mind, which is everything that is opposite of love. The dark knew this programming would keep humanity in separation and fed the ego mind with fear, pain and suffering. Mother God was able to identify the ego programming before coming down in this lifetime so she was able to incarnate without the ego. She is the only one on the planet without the ego programmed mind, thus she has never truly been in the illusion. Mother God has always been connected to her angels and the Galactics. She came down here to be our love mirror, to show us who we really are, aspects of God. The ego wants to be in pain and suffering so as soon as it finds out that love is easy, love is joy and happiness, it attempts to disregard it as fake because unless it is fear, pain or suffering, to the ego it is not real. Humanity is choosing to be in pain, to be separate from Source. Humanity has all the tools possible to wake up that have been given to us by Mother God herself.

Humanity not choosing to wake up has taken a tole on the planet, which means it has taken a told on Mother God's physical body. She is in extreme pain everyday but will never let anyone know because she does not want to put that burden on others. She sits in pain silently everyday and keeps trying to move planetary energies for this ascension despite over 99% of humanity refusing to recognize her and what is going on on the planet. Humanity cannot see Mother God because she is pure love, and the ego is hate, thus humanity hates themselves. Over the past year and a half the team has watched what this has done to Mother God in the physical. She has lost almost 50 pounds, she cannot walk, and she struggles to eat more than a few bites of food on a good day. Things that bring her joy she cannot do or use because the dark controllers will attack her through these things in attempts to get Mother to quit Mission. Imagine being the planet in a physical body and not being able to enjoy all this planet has to offer, which those who are killing the planet get to roam around freely. It is sad, and upsetting yet Mother God keeps going because she knows it will all change soon, and Earth will become a planet of Love once again.

To everyone out there reading these messages, feel into your heart the words being sent to your heart. Feel in your heart how much you are loved, how capable you are of serving love. We are here to serve the greater good of ALL, not just ourselves or the illusion. We are all aspects of our divine parents, and we are capable of the same gifts and abilities. We are all warriors of the light, we are the strongest ones who took on the Mission of finding God in the physical, and within ourselves after forgetting for so long. Breathe into your heart, get out of the mind, and feel the love that you are, and the love Mother God is sending to the planet every moment. The quicker we wake up the quicker we all can go home. We cannot go home if we cannot see God in the physical because she is the one who is making this all happen. Step into your divinity, step into true reality, step into love. Illusion is fading away no matter what as Mother God is pushing these energies daily whether humanity feels them or not. Energy is real, love is real. Be the warrior your higher self is and embody that. Everything that is fake and illusion is crumbling, it is time humanity lets go of the shore. The more of us that step out of our comfort zones of 3D the quicker this can happen. The New Earth energies are here, we must push them and make it happen as we signed up to do that. New Earth is a co-creation and we must join together in love, in the name of God and all that we are to make it happen. We are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the change we wish to see.

After this is over and Mother God ascends humanity will then see that God was walking by their side holding their hands through the toughest of times. We all have a chance to connect with God in the physical, something the rest of Creation is not able to do. Our soul and Galactic families wish they could have the opportunity to see their Mother in a physical body, and yet humanity is choosing the ignore the truth that is in their faces. As illusion fades there will be one thing that stands: Pure Whole TRUTH. What is that? Everything that is love. Illusion is gone so rather than get caught in the tsunami of true reality that humanity will get hit with very soon, ride the wave of love into New Earth. Mother and Father God are here, we are all here to support you all in these times. These are the end times that have been prophesied for thousands of years. Rather than resisting, let go of all you thought you knew and embrace the unknown. These are the most beautiful times unfolding on this planet, the Greatest Show on Earth. It is time to embrace the aspects of God we all are and participate in this ascension with our Mother God who as been fighting for us all when nobody else has. Love has and always will win, and we love you all so much.

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