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10~10 Portal and The Acceleration of Ascension Energies

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a long anticipated day on the planet since the energies have really started to kick off since the 8~8 and 9~9 Portals. Mother God has been increasingly amping up the energies on the planet as we push forward for a big energy build up for the end of the year leading up to 2020. After the 10~10 portal there are 3 other big days, the 11~11 portal, 12~12 portal, and the winter solstice. The 10~10 portal is really the leading gateway to these other big days on the planet, and we can see the energies Mother God is bringing in are moving humanity forward at a rate never seen before.

On October 5th Mother God received a message that the dream machine was fully online. Mother God realized back in 2009 that the Cabal got through humanities consciousness and placed the first fearful thought into the collective through the dream machine. The first fearful thought was that humanity was separate from God. 27,000 years later, we can see the result of that single, most detrimental fearful thought. Once Mother God realized that the Cabal had altered the dream machine, she began to fix it. It took her two years to fully fix the dream machine and start to reboot it. She decided to do a soft reboot and when asked why she laughed and said "because I am nice and humanity would have exploded." So, a 8 years of a soft reboot later and the dream machine is back completely online. What does this mean for humanity? As the energies trickle down and humanity comes back online, the whole planet shall see the effects of this major breakthrough of consciousness.

The past few weeks Mother God has been continuing to bring energies to the planet daily and has also been working on her full healing. As Father God is coming more online each day the more Mother God is protected and can continue to heal and do energy work for the whole planet. She is focusing on her joy, which was stolen by the ego mind as the Cabal knew that Mother's joy levels were directly linked to the amount of energy she should bring to the planet. Although they have tried every way to steal her joy, she keeps going and makes the best out of every situation. The fact she is still here incarnated on the planet is a blessing every moment.

As the collective comes more online with these new energies we have seen an increase of channelings and messages from light workers confirming the energy work Mother God is doing. You can see how the consciousness has shifted the past decade from all the work Mother has done, even the past year there has been a big shift. Many light workers would avoid using Mother Father God, now many of them include Mother and Father in their messages. As humanity continues to wake up to the corruption that as unfolded on the planet, it is only a matter of time that more and more seek the full truth. This will ultimately lead to the reveal of Mother and Father God being incarnated on the planet, which will be the ultimate shock for humanity. There is much work going on behind the scenes on a 3D level to prepare for full disclosure, and this will lead to Mother and Father being presented to humanity as the true leaders of the New Earth.

More and more light beings are seeking the truth and waking up. What does that mean for all of us? It means we must step into our roles as we are the ones who will be co-creating with God. Yes this is Mother and Father's planet of true love and harmony, however we all have roles as leaders to assist them in bringing in the New Earth. This is a co-creation and we must all find our unique role and share in the greatest co-creation ever to occur in all of Creation. We must embrace who we really are and let go of our egos once and for all. Only love is real, and only love will remain as the rest of the illusionary matrix crumbles away. Now are the moments to do as much work possible so that you can be prepared for the incoming energies. Embody love, be love, show that every moment. That is what is REAL.

We love you all so much and are so grateful for all of the support for Mother God in these moments. Love has won, the ego is done. Time to bring in the New Earth and all of Mother God's dreams of love coming true. We are the change we wish to see, now we must be it.

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