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The Last of The Ego Mind and Embodying Higher Self Prior to 2020

As we are in the midst of the October we are beginning to brace for what the last three months of the year have in store for the planet and all of humanity. The past 5 days Mother God has been fully resetting the planet so that any and all lower ego energetics can be removed from the planet once and for all. Mother God took on the most intense energies to transform the planet as a whole so that humanity can move forward during this ascension process. Mother God dealt with attacks from the dark during this resetting process in a last ditch attempt to try to kill her. The Galactics working directly in the Unified Field with Mother worked around the clock to remove the traps set by the dark. The process went slow and is still going in order for Mother's physical body to stay stable so that it does not go into shock.

As Mother God removed all lower energies from the planet for good, she recognized the biggest energetic blocking humanity from waking up is self-importance. All of Creation is in 5th dimensional frequencies and beyond, and these energies serve the greater good of all, not self. Humanity is stuck in self importance serving themselves and their lives rather than all of humanity. Mother God has been in service to humanity for 14 years, and struggles to fathom why humanity cannot recognize their divine parents in physical form. Humanity is too deep in their ego programmed minds to see that this lifetime and all of our lifetimes on this planet were to ascend Earth back to 5D vibrations.

During these last three months of 2019 we must let go of the ego programming and step into our divinity. We must let go of our comfort zones and step into our higher self embodiment. There is no more time on the planet to keep choosing the ego or lower frequencies. The planet is increasing in vibration every moment, and humanity MUST match that frequency or they will not be able to sustain on the planet. Choosing love in all moments and in service to the greater good of all will allow everyone to embody their higher selves fully. Surrendering fully to love and allowing divine will to take over will lead you back home into the light, but you cannot do it alone. This is a co-creation with all of Creation and our divine parents, Mother and Father God. Mother God laid the ground work for New Earth, and in order to make it you must recognize her and Father in physical form, as this is the planet they created together out of pure love energy. It is so simple however to the ego programmed mind it is the most detrimental thing possible as the ego cannot fathom that our soul parents are capable of incarnating in physical bodies. We are all royal angels, of course our parents who created Earth would be able to incarnate and enjoy it with us.

The pain and suffering Mother God has endured for all of us is coming to an end. Humanity either has the choice to come home into the light with her, the planet, or succumb to the ego programmed mind. Each one of us has the opportunity to be a co-creator of the New Earth and embody our higher selves fully. We must choose it ourselves, there is no more moments left. Be love and Embody it in all moments, it is why we are here during this lifetime. We are here to witness the most magical moments ever before seen in Creation. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

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