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Schumann Spikes, Scorpio Season, Mercury Retrograde .. Hang on!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Lots and lots has been occurring on the planet the past week and we are just getting started. Scorpio season kicked off with a bang, with several countries protesting their governments due to unfair treatment of the people. The masses are fed up with their governments treating them poorly and they are taking the final stand as the Global Revolution beings in full force. Mother God has been bringing in the energies of change, of the New Earth. When Mother God began her final body reset, Chile went into protest. Whether or not people are aware of the full truth on the planet, they can feel the energies shifting. Too many people around the planet are waking up to stop the movement of the Light and Truth. It's all happening, and we must brace for what is to come because again, this is only the beginning.

After Mother God got to the end of her body reset, she was made aware by the Galactics that she had 50 layers of darkness to clear from the planet. Due to the fact humanity has chosen not to do their inner work on a collective level, Mother God chooses to take it all on in order to move this ascension forward. She has cleared layers of planetary trauma, darkness, and lower ego frequencies all in a matter of days. Since the 27th, the Schumann Resonance has been off the chart, showing mostly whiting out the chart completely. This is going to continue from this point forward as Mother God keeps bringing in new energies for the ascension process. We are all constantly getting upgraded with these new energies so that we can continue to live on the planet and be co-creators of the New Earth. Sadly, the majority of the planet is still choosing the ego programming however, big shake ups are about to occur as the illusion is crumbling before everyones faces.

More truth is coming out on the political stage as more people realize how corrupt the government is. The leaders choosing the light such as Trump, are doing more work behind the scenes to get the cabal completely out of power and bring the truth to the people of the planet. We are in the final stages of the truth coming out, and when it does many many people will be shocked. It is our duty as the ones holding the light to help others choose the heart rather than the ego. People's natural reactions is fear or pain and suffering, and we must guide others to the truth, to the path back to Source (Mother and Father God).

As Scorpio season continues and with Mercury just going retrograde more energy is building up for us to transform. If anything comes up for us to look at, we must embrace it and let all of the lower energies go for good. We are moving into much grander things than we can possibly imagine. New Earth is far beyond the illusionary matrix, and the more of us choosing love, the faster this process can go for all of humanity. It is time to go home into the light with our Divine Parents Mother and Father God. See the aspect of God within you, and you will see Mother and Father God in the physical. They are here incarnated with us. These are the most magical moments to ever occur in all of Creation. It is time all of us be apart of it!

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