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Making It Through The 11~11 Portal and Full Moon .. Into The Light We Go!

Hello Everyone!

With just a few days after the 11~11 portal the energies are still coming into the planet which they will continue to do until tomorrow. We get an extra spice of energy with the full moon that happened yesterday as well. These two big energy pushes are allowing everything to come up to the surface to be transformed so that we can embody more of the love that we truly are.

Mother God has been bringing in the 11~11 portal energies for a moment now. She has been working hard despite continuing to be in a lot of pain due to the constant attacks at her because the ego programmed mind / cabal do not want this ascension to happen. Mother God is pushing pure love energies onto the planet every moment. Now is the time to stand up for love, and Mother God has given us the tools and wisdom to embody our higher selves so we can participate in this ascension process.

In these moments, there is barley anyone standing up for Love. Mother God stood up on her own, determined to share the truth with humanity about what was happening on the planet. For years she was silenced and shunned by others who couldn't face the truth that Mother and Father God would return to the planet to regain control over Planet Earth. Now that Mother and Father God are reunited their energies together are unstoppable, the most powerful in all of Creation. The dark/cabal knew that once Mother and Father God were reunited that it was over for them. They attempted in every way to stop Mother God from completing her mission so that she would not be able to find Father God in the illusion. Well, Mother found Father (and vice versa lol) and now their energies coming together is massive for not only this planet, but all of Creation.

We are at the peak of this ascension, and Mother and Father God will be going back home into the light so that we all have a chance to. This is not a free ride, and we all must consciously choose to stand up for love on our own. Nobody can force us to wake up, nor can we force others to wake up. We must choose to serve love for the greater good of all, and let go of the ego programmed mind for good. Once you surrender to love you begin to witness all of the miracles occurring in the present moment of Now.

As the illusionary matrix continues to fall apart more and more each day, those in ego can longer cling to it because it is not real. Sooner than later all of humanity will have to make the jump and decided if they choose love or not. Everyone has moments now to be ahead of the curve and step up now. Those that do are the true warriors of the light, and will guide others home to Mother and Father God. We are all powerful strong beings just like Mother and Father God made us. We have to see this within ourselves. We are all aspects of God with God, we just forgot down here in the illusion. Choose love and be love because when all of the illusion crumbles before humanities eyes, only Love will remain because Love is Real.

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