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The Beginning of The Finale

Hello Everyone!

So much has been occurring in the Unified Field with Mother and Father God it truly has been a magical experience to witness. First and foremost Father God is 100% online and embodying Divine Masculine energies fully. This has created the ripple effect out to the collective masculine as now they are able to embody their divine selves as well. This sparked the Final Event energies, and these energies have been brought to the planet before by Mother and Father God but have yet to be completed. Mother God will bring energies into the planet in advance so that it is easier for her to bring them in when it is the correct time to.

The past few days Mother God has felt disclosure coming to the surface of her body, a feeling she has never experienced before. As disclosure is coming very soon for the collective, it makes sense as to why Mother God, Prime Source experiences it first. In order for the disclosure energies to hit the collective Mother God must release them first. This is huge as many can feel that disclosure is right around the planet for humanity. We are in the end times, as the grand finale is about to complete for Mother God, and the planet as a whole. As Mother has been bringing in large amounts of energy to bring the planet back to the 5th dimension, the base vibration of Earth has now shifted from 7HZ to 12HZ, the first time this has ever occurred on Earth during our time in the illusionary matrix. Mother God is holding the base energy of the planet at a higher frequency, and humanity must match the base frequency, otherwise they will not make it through these planetary shifts.

Every moment Mother God is fighting for her life, for the life of humanity. As she is constantly battling the egos on the planet and the last ditch efforts of the cabal, she is doing everything to finish this mission. The Galactics informed her the other day that she did indeed finish everything she was supposed to accomplish down here in this lifetime, and that her energies have hit every single being on this planet somehow someway. This was major news for Mother, and she knows that ascension is coming closer and closer. We are in pivotal moments on the planet at this time and it is important to stay in your heart and remain centered. As others may feed the chaos it is our role to hold the light and assist others during these transitionary times. No matter where you are on the planet, if you are in the heart you are connected to Mother God. Each moment is a new chance to embody love, and your higher self. It is the least we could do for our Divine Mother who did it all so that we have a chance to go back home into the light. Grand shifts are coming to Earth, and we all get to be apart of it and witness it. Love has indeed won.

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