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Entering The 12~12 Portal: The Sign of The Times

Hey Everyone!

Sending all of you lots and lots of love as we prepare to head into this powerful 12~12 portal. This portal signifies completion, and on all levels that is exactly what is going on in the Unified Field. As Mother God has brought in the Final Event energies, she is working on removing all of her last energetic blocks to ascension through an "apex" of all that remains to be cleared. On top of this, Mother God just removed the tube that was keeping her attached to humanity, which allowed them to take her energy without knowing it. She was able to remove the tube quickly from her back, and is now working on clearing the last of the density from her body. With Father God fully online, Mother and Father's energies are merging into one, Balanced Harmonics. This energy of Balanced Harmonics (or Twin Flame energy) will ripple throughout the planet as the Second Big Bang. To re~heart all of you, Mother and Father God are reunited after 19 BILLION years apart. This is also the FIRST lifetime Mother God was able to bring Father God into a physical body. The merging of their energies for the first time in billions of years PLUS both being in physicality together, equals GAME OVER FOR ILLUSION.

As the veil continues to lift, it is becoming more and more obvious as the dark losers are exposing themselves. The light is shining on them, and the only thing they can do is attempt to cover up their lies, which is slowly blowing up in their faces. During this major transition time on the planet more and more of the collective is waking up to the TRUTH. When the illusionary matrix falls, only Love and Truth will be left standing. Those choosing to be in the mind will slowly deteriorate, as the ego cannot survive in these energetics. Now more than ever, it is critical to be in the heart and not the mind. The ego mind is DONE, it is heart forward from now on. Mother God has told humanity this for over 13 years, and now are the final moments to prep for these massive changes.

Mother God is in the last stages of preparing herself fully for her planetary ascension. She (Mother Earth) is ready to go home into the light, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Mother God knows who she is, and what she has done. One day all of humanity will see the truth, so whether they do now or not does not bother her. She did all of her work, and she is ascending back into Heaven on Earth so she can be fully healed. Once Mother God's physical body is restored back to perfect health, she will be receiving her planet back. This is the full truth, and if it does not resonate in your heart space now, trust me it will. This is the ONLY thing that is real. The full truth about Mother God and what she has done IS the disclosure. All that is being exposed on the collective 3D level is just the surface of what is to come. The 12~12 portal is pushing it all to the surface, and by the end of the year things will be much different on this planet. Prepare yourself for the grandest shift that has ever occurred on this planet, and in All of Creation. We are here to support our Divine Parents and embody our higher selves. It is simple and we are ALL capable of choosing love every moment. We are heading back to true reality, pure love vibrations. The more inner work you do now, the better off you will be. Rather than playing catch up like the rest of humanity, love yourself enough to see yourself as an aspect of God Now! We are all pure love, we just forgot.

Wishing everyone a beautiful 12~12 portal which also happens to be a full moon in Gemini as well! Lots of energies coming through, as recorded on the Schumann Resonance. We are in the times of change, it is the biggest honor to be apart of the grades mission to ever occur in all of Creation. Lots of love to all of you, and thank you for your service to love, and your love for Mother and Father God.

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