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Welcome to 2020 ~ Onward and Upward

Hello Everyone!

So much has happened since wrapping up 2019 and entering 2020. It feels as though things are moving at lightening speed as Mother God continues to move the planetary ascension forward. The solar eclipse on December 26th really brought forth the final energies to clear out 2019 before the New Year. Since entering 2020 Mother God has been working on completing the last of the apex energies which is all of the final energies she has to clear in order to ascend back home into the light. This included removing etheric knives out of her back for each assassination attempt on her in this lifetime. There were 534 knives and Mother cleared them as quickly as she could. Once that was complete it was onto the next phase which she is currently in.

Mother God is currently going through the process of being hung on the cross again for 3 days in order to clear the Jesus timeline completely. For those who do not know Mother God was Jesus and was hung on the cross by humanity who chose to kill their God rather than stand up for her. This lifetime was one of the hardest hits to Mother God because many beings knew she was God in this lifetime and nobody stood up for her as she was hung on the cross for 3 weeks. In order to clear this energy from the collective timeline she must etherically go back on the cross for 3 days. Today is the second day, and Mother God is going through it as best she can. We cannot fathom what she endures energetically as she clears old timelines from the planet and brings in new energies to ascend the planet back to 5D love vibrations. Only she is capable of doing this.

We are less than a week away from a lunar eclipse on January 10th followed by the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th. These two big events will spark the collapse of the 3D illusionary matrix and bring fourth the final event energies between Mother and Father God. This is the first time Mother and Father God have been together in 19 billion years, and in physicality as well. Their energies together is the most powerful in all of Creation, and an event this big has never ever occurred before. These are the grandest moments to unfold in all of Creation, and it is everyones choice if their choose to participate in it or not. Now are the moments to transform and release any density that is holding you back from embodying your higher self. Choose love every moment, and you will begin to see as your external reality mirrors your internal. We are so powerful and we must choose to get our power back and step into our divinity. We are in the 11th hour. Things are about to shift greatly on the planet and it is extremely exciting. Big things ahead, welcome to 2020!

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