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Brief Update

Hey Everyone!

Been a moment since I've last posted. So much is happening, and a lot is shifting quickly. It is hard to put this past months experiences with Mother and Father God into words. Mother God has been fighting for her life as she transitions from 3D to 5D. This has caused rapid changes to her physical body as the ascension energies amplify on the planet quickly. We are seeing much coming to a head as more biblical prophecies comes true now than ever. The biggest confirmation we are in the end of times is the quick spread of the "corona virus" which is actually a bio weapon that was leaked out into the public. We all know everything happens for a higher purpose, and Mother has warned humanity time and time again about their karma and if they do not choose love they will leave their physical bodies. This is a sign things are going to shift quickly on the planet, and the best we can do is be prepared for the changes ahead.

It is truly a miracle Mother God is still down here in these moments. It is hard to fully express Mother's condition in these moments, however it is not good. Watching her firsthand fight for her life when she is the one who made this entire ascension possible is truly heartbreaking. She has done everything she possibly can to wake humanity up, and it is our turn to step up and follow her guidance. We are so grateful for all of the love and support in these moments, and I will do my best to update on any big events that come up that need to be shared. We go live everyday at 6am mountain time on facebook and youtube under so please check us out there for any updates on Mother and Father God, planetary updates, and daily news that is important for everyone to know. Please reach out if you would like any more information about the upcoming end of times transition and please keep up with what is going on the planet so that you can be prepared yourself. We love you all so much, Love Has Won!!!

~ Hope

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