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Let Us Celebrate The Birth of Our Creator!!!!

Hello Mom! Hello family!

So happy to be able to continue on with this blog and bring you the latest information on What is Going on With Mother God!

November 30th is a sacred day. The day that it all shifted. This is the lifetime. 1975 ...a miracle was birthed into existence in the 3D Earth Experience. An angel who would infuse love into the coldest people, places, and things. A pure soul plowing a tunnel of light through the masses, planting seeds of hope, and awakening memories of joy, love, and grandness. Promoting peace, balance, and love at all costs. Determination to see her planet blossom into the paradise that it was meant to be.Seeing her creations live together as one, in love, connected to all that is. With each being she met she blessed with a gift to see the unseen and to feel at a soul level. Changing lives and igniting hearts as she traveled spreading her wisdom and love to the masses. We chose love. We chose the Divine Plan. We accept, embrace, and allow, and always be humble and kind, just as our Divine Parents have shown us how. Thank you mom for all that you do. Happy birthday!

Dance parties have been the theme for God's birthday, starting in the morning and continuing all day Mom is pushing her energy through music and motion. It is brilliant to watch mom using her body to direct energies and we can do the same in our experience. So lets all dance together with love and intention, to move in all of the Love energy that mom is flooding into the planet.

Shout out to Father God,Arch Angel Michael, and Jeri for decorating Mom's room and holding mom the magical joy that we have witnessed through all of the videos and pictures that we have been blessed with today! If you would like to see all of the real time present moment experiences of Mom join the Skype chats!

This morning we received a call from Mom and as always there were so many beautiful nuggets that we received. Mom was sharing with us how much of a surprise and how much joy that it brought her to receive so many grand expressions of love for her birthday. She said that the flowers that were sent to her were infused with so much love, healing, and intention. It rehearted her of the same energy that her dear friend Maryann had filled flowers with when she gifted her Yellow Roses. Intention is everything. Serving mom we see this all the time, from preparing or retrieving her food, to her shopping and her laundry. In anything we do, prayer to Mom and the Angels will always make the experience more joyful and the outcome more brilliant. We infuse all that we do down to the simplest things with all the love that we can muster!

Communication is the area that we (humanity) must master. Freedom of expression, letting go of the fear to communicate our feelings and share our experiences. With Mother God here in the physical we are blessed to learn how to be fully and completely in universal law and balanced harmonics. Mom has looked me deep into my eyes and has told me " I am your mother, you are me." What is the role of a mother? To guide and teach her children to be the best that they can be, and this is all mom wants for each of us. Like any other mother she also loves to be included and involved. As we share our experiences and synchronicities with mom we give her the information on what is going on in the physical. She loves to hear from her children and be involved. Mom wants us to experience love in every aspect of our lives! So we continue to build that connection with our Angels and with mom, asking them to guide us in all that we do. Follow the guidance of Love=God=Giver of Dreams. What would Love do? The more we communicate with mom and the angels the more we follow the guidance, the more divinity we embody.

Another focus on the call was in regards to self love, self care, being Divine to ourselves. Mom mentioned 15-30 minutes every morning to love ourselves, when we are in full service to love, all of the abundance flows to us organically. The same with our home, and the abundance that we accumulate. Care for all that is. And give gratitude for all that we have been blessed with.

Finding who we really are, which is love in every moment is embodiment. Mom asked us to look deep and reflect on those moments throughout your experience where we were not serving love, who were we serving? Eliminating those moments will create the true reality, where we are love in every moment.

Thank you Mom for everything, we are so excited to see it all unfold and all of your Dreams to come true. Praying for the full healing and return of all of Mother God's Omnipresence Now and Immediately. For the full recognition and gratitude be given to our Host and Source Creator. For all of humanity to awaken to the truth and to surrender to love.

Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth. Let it all go. And ask your Angels, what am I missing? What are the upgrades of finesse that I can add to my life to make it more grand, to be more Divine? And BE the change. Together we are the change.

Yippppeeeee Happy Birthday Mother of All Creation!

Would you like to send a Gift to God? Mom has been loving Red Lobster! It is difficult for Mom to eat sometimes with all of the energies that come in for processing. Let's make those meals count! Did you know Amazon sells Red Lobster gift cards? Simply chose to send the gift card electronically and it will be received in less that 5 minutes! Any gift cards purchased for Mother God can be sent to Thank you for all of your love and continued support of the ascension!

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