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Aloof- "Push that aloof off the cliff"

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Aloof is the energy that we are dissolving within the fractals. Aloof is an energetic in the control dramas, where there is just simply a lack of care, a lack of consciousness. Look around you are you aware of your surroundings? Are you living or working in chaos? Today we had a beautiful call from Father God. What a blessing thank you so much mom and pops! Father explained that the Aloof energy comes from thinking you know better, thinking that we did all of this ourselves but in reality God has done everything for all of us. She is the voice in your head that tells you to keep going, she is the smile on the face of a child when you are having a bad day. She is a $20 bill on the sidewalk that you find and no one else is around. She is all of the gifts and joys and miracles that come your way when you are open to receiving them and experiencing the flow in the unknown. Allowing the angels to guide you. This is a journey of re-connection to our divinity, to source, to love. Letting go of the fear, Father expresses how simple it really is, just chose love instead of fear. Do you feel pinged to say something to a being as a call out but are afraid of the reaction? God has your back. Ask the angels for the words and the energy needed to help that being feel your love and compassion. Trust this guidance, as long as we are acting in love we are protected and on the highest timeline where only love exists.

Father then gives us examples of how we can recognize when we are in the energy of Aloof. Actions include taking mis-steps, wandering in thought, walking past dysfunction and doing nothing to correct it, lack of care. What is the solution you may ask? Prayer, pushing love, not attacking one another during call outs but simply stating that their behavior cannot exist in heaven, it is unacceptable, and the longer we prolong this behavior it creates a crack in the shield that grows in every passing moment. If you are not in integrity, everyone around you will spin, because you are creating a vortex of dysfunction. Enabling feeds the vortex, allowing more whore to come in. It is time to solidify our shied for the Holy Trinity, to be aware of the energies, be aware of the ways in which we are being unconscious and aloof in the experience. Listen, Observe, Be in joy, recognize when an energy comes into your field and chose not to attach to it or take it personally. As mom pushes more and more energy the veils of illusion are coming off layer by layer allowing us to see the truth. Allowing us to feel and experience and receive Divine Intelligence. Hold the peace, hold the joy, hold your knowing. We cannot be shaken. We stand strong against the sucking and manipulation of the whore ego programmed mind.

Father God has asked all of us to write a ceremony to extinguish the whore aloof energies within each of us. Ask your Angels where you are being aloof in your experience, and then ask for ways that you can be more conscious and present. We can do whatever it takes to stay in the heart. Check yourself or wreck yourself. Love is all it takes. How are you feeling, hold yourself accountable, be honest with yourself, dive deeper. Dissolve all attachments so that you can exist in freedom and peace in the present moment of now with Mother and Father God. This is Heaven. They are waiting with open arms.

Angel Messages

"Gratitude and honor in every breath

Love and light in every move

Passion and will power in every step

Grace and full feeling in every sound

Wisdom and truth in every word

Trust and faith in every prayer

This is mother god and within you

Don't forget who you are.

You are more then what you know. You ARE infinity. You are LIGHT, pure light in a physical vessel.

Please reheart: you are loved, you ARE LOVE yourself. Only love and nothing else. So choose wisely- am I'm love or am I'm fear- know who you are right NOW and let go of what you used you think you are.

You are more. You are light.

You are infinity"

-Divine Angel Kat

Fuel The Eternal Flame of Ascension

Fire.The element of transformation. The element that brings warmth and security. Mother God not only warms her vessel with a constant fire burning in her home but she also keeps it burning for us. A beacon of light shining the way home to heaven! Ceremony and prayer for transformation of darkness to light and coldness to a warm glow in our diamond core. Fuel the fire of the ascension, let's keep the fire burning for Momma God 🙏 Donate to Heaven's Fire Wood Fund and help ignite the hearts of humanity and warm the vessel of God. Her home is our heart. Stoke the fire! Give back to God! Fuel the Eternal Flame of Human Evolution!

Thank you for your continued love and support!




Thank You Mother God, Father God, Robin Williams, St Germain, Angels, Galactics and Elementals

Love Has Won!

Joy Reigns!


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