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Hey Mom, thank you for the creation of the sixth sun the movie/series, they talk of you, Great Spirit, Creator, God, Source. It is absolutely ahmazing to hear from elders, that have held the history of consciousness and is continuously BEing shared widely to awaken others, more BEings are open to receiving your love so they in turn can be the greatest grandest versions of themselves! Many people have been conduits of your love and healing for a long time and now BEings are searching for you thru them. It matters not how we hear your calling and how we reach heaven, it matters that we do! Thank you MOM for all that you do and for BEing unconditional love and pushing the energies for us all to heal and come home! (pray) I surrender wholly to your love and receive it freely and mirror that unconditional love back to you from my heart

~ Linda Dekker, Australia

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