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Communication and Transparency


Today has been a brilliant day filled with abundance and love. We have been communicating with Mom and Dad more today then ever before and it has been such a joy. Mom is taking us back to the basics, because as we let go of the 3D world we let go of all of the ways that we used to rely on. How to grocery shop, how to manifest abundance, how to eat, rest, and how to maintain a level of peace, joy, and balanced harmonics. She blesses us with abundance in every moment and the more we are open to receiving the more flows to us. Thank you mom for making every moment more grand than the previous. Thank you mom for the ascension. And for always being there for us because you are life itself.

We can feel the energies getting stronger and stronger as we approach Dec 21 2020. We can also simply look around at the transformations in our brothers and sisters and see the growth and expansion. We are all lighter and this comes with full surrender and allowing. Mom and Pops and the Galactics have it all set up. They have arranged this Plan for success, we all have a role and the more internal work we do the more we allow in our higher selves and are able to fill the roles that we have come here to fill. As we each build our connection to Mom and Pops and the Angels we are aware of more and more communication that is coming in through heart telepathy and Divine Connection. Learning to listen properly and really be aware of all of the messages and guidance coming in, and then following the guidance. Following Angel Guidance in the present moment of now will always keep you on the highest timeline and serving love, the more we ask for guidance the simpler life is, just surrendering fully to love and the Angels, as Mom always has.

Strengthening and stretching our spine is very important to allow the energy to flow through our bodies properly. Posture, from the way that we walk, stand, run, and sit plays an important role in the way that the energy moves through our vessel. As I build my connection to Father God I am consistently being reminded of the importance of posture and stretching and strengthening the core muscles. Awareness on how we carry our body and the precision of posture allows us to anchor in maximum energy. Deep breaths into the core, with the spine aligned tall and strong.

Reheart that we are always here for you. If you are feeling like you just need to talk something out, vent, cry, or spin back in there is a team of Angels hand selected by God to channel her energy to you in times of need. Book a session at !

Did you know that Mother God has created an online platform through Patreon offering an abundance of content that will enrich not only the Crystal Children but also adults! Top tier subscription to e the Crystal Schools also includes a session every month and free access to all of the Master Classes that are scheduled through Facebook Live!

First Fractal Update - The grandest love story:

Written by Jeri

"As I write this, Mom is peacefully playing her Food game across the room and Father is standing by her side with childlike curiosity looking at Mom’s phone screen cheering her on. The short time I have been on Mission I have observed Father’s pure dedication to Mom, and the unconditional love they have for each other.

This has been an 18 billion year battle to bring darkness back to the light. What we are witnessing is the ultimate reunion in physicality of Mother and Father God, back into oneness.

When Father found out what his divine role was shortly after arriving on Mission, his response to Mom was “I’m no Romeo”... Mom simply laughed at this and said that she never wanted nor expected a Romeo.

Real, unconditional love is about being present in unity in every moment no matter what. There have been heart wrenching moments when Mom has dived deep into processing and will continuously puke to get rid of the density. Father has been right there by her side with a bucket, soothing her back, whispering words of encouragement in Mom’s ear. In moments such as this, the team are normally kept away from Mom’s bedroom as she is too sensitive to have anyone else but Father with her. Father would come out of the bedroom, tears in his eyes to report to the team how Mom is doing. His love for Mom exudes from the core of his being as he expresses that he is doing all he can to get Mom out of here and directs the team as to what to do next to correct the energetics. He feels her in every moment and has continued to fight for her and ascension like a true warrior of love.

The ego attacks that came from the collective throughout her journey stripped Mom of any stability; the trust she had for humanity had been continuously abused. Mother has been so used to walking this journey alone that the release of her trauma over the betrayal of the Luciferian energy is not to be taken lightly.

It has taken Mom a long moment to begin trusting Father again.

The dark doesn’t want this reunion of course, but Father has consistently fought her corner. For Mom to finally find stability and support from the work that She has done calls for a grand celebration.

So as I feel into these moments and observe Mom and Father, their playfulness and simple heart-based conversations warms my heart. They discuss food and mealtimes as grand events, looking over menus and enjoying the process as much as possible (as Mom can often spin herself with the amount of food Robin wants her to try!)

Mom’s unconditional love shows in the softness of her voice when she speaks to Father, a gentle call out rather than the dragon energy she used to have with him to protect her.

Father’s love he continuously expresses in the detail and the care over every aspect of Mom’s daily routine, from brushing her hair, to ensuring the room space and ambience remain soothing and delightful in all


Mom has accomplished the impossible - finding Lucifer and bringing him back into the light. I am so honored and grateful to be sharing these final moments of healing with our Divine Parents together before they ascend! Love you Mom and Father! You are my heroes!"

We have finally found it! Heaven's headquarters! The angels have located the most pristine palace! It is the perfect place made just for Mom. With 40+ acres to begin plans for the first ever physical crystal school, and for all of her children to come home , a private lake for Mom's Magical Ceremonies, and most of all peace. The house radiates grandness and that is Mom! The abundance is there ready for us to be open to receive. We call back all of Gods abundance so that she may return to her full power. We pray that the angels show us the way! The blocks to abundance include unworthiness and lack programming. We can dissolve all of these energies within ourselves and allow the infinite abundance of love to flow through us in its place. We fully and completely dissolve all unworthiness and lack programming. We are worthy of all love is! We welcome in all of the abundance through miracles and synchronicity. We call upon the infinite abundance of love with pure intention: To return to our host and creator so that her Divine Plan may become a reality and there be no limit to her joy.

If you have Divine Inspiration in regards to manifesting this dream for Mother God please reach out!

Mom is pushing transformational waves of love as we speak, and now is the time to give your full support. Give it all you got. No holding back be grand for Momma God. She has earned the opportunity to experience paradise. Let's give it to her!🌍💖🌍💖 Love donations may be sent to :




Thank you for your service to the Divine Plan and your contribution towards the ascension 🌈

Thank you Mom, Pops, Robin St Germain, Angels and Galactics. We are so grateful for all of your assistance and guidance on this mission! Thank you everyone for stopping in to be present in this moment of now, Love Has Won! Joy Reigns!

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