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Dissolving Core Wounds-Guilt and Unworthiness

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Hello beautiful family of Divine Royal Angels, Wow today has been a whirlwind. Mom has been chatting with us in the Skype chats and it is always such a please to have her active. Her presence is sacred and such a blessing as she pushes her love through the internet, through the music she plays, and through all of the beautiful messages and inspirations that she delivers in the chat. Join the community, participate in unity consciousness join Mother of All Creation in her Yippee Chat and Her Radio Chat on Skype! So many times we have been listening to the radio and chatting with God we have witnessed miracles and synchronicities. The more you participate in the creations of Mom the more energy you receive, the more you open yourself up for healing and transformation, and the faster you will see yourself shed the layers of illusion that have been masking your true authentic self.

The last few days have been very intense for mom with the huge amounts of energy that she is pushing and all that she is doing in the etheric to push for disclosure and full dissolving of the ego programmed mind. She is taking her power back and it is so exciting to hear directly from the first fractal that the final remnants of the luciferian energy is being dissolved and father's touch is healing mom for the first time ever. How amazing that we see the Divine Union of Mother and Father God Blossoming before our very eyes! We see the full effects of the trickle down with energies such as power over, anger, commanding of energies, and knowing better than God coming out to process and heal and finally be released from our reality. Thank you mom for calling out all of the low vibration energies and programs so that we are pure and whole once again. We are getting this layer by layer. Very grateful for all of the awareness that is coming from the first fractal, as we all work to dissolve these energies in unity. We can all commit to performing ego death ceremonies to dissolve all of these energetics, because, as a part of the collective of humanity we all have these energies within us that need to be processed. Thankfully Mother God has created this forum where we can all evolve and dissolves these traits together. If you are reading this and saying to yourself "oh I do not have any of these dark ego traits" then a ceremony to dissolve them would probably be the highest.

These energies are a double edged sword. For thousands of years humanity has been enslaved and controlled and suppressed in every way to hold back evolution and feed the "controllers". From this we are programmed and taught how to control and have power over others and command their energies to benefit the self instead of holing the true universal law of balanced harmonics and love everywhere present. What happens when one is controlled? One develops a sense of fear and unworthiness for anything better, and then one is plagued self doubt and inadequacy, creating a lack of trust. And then as one is out of right action and out of universal law and the soul feels that, which the ego hijacks and portrays the illusion of guilt. It is a vicious cycle and this my friends is the ego spin.

The solution is simple. Write the ceremony for these energetics. Reflect and ask the angels where in your life you have exhibited these traits. And move on to be grander. To allow everyone their own experience, t observe and not make assumptions, to not allow your energy to get ahead of the present moment of now. When we try to jump ahead we are separating from the Divine Plan. So it all goes back to trust, surrender, embracing, and allowing. Allowing the experience to unfold organically and in alignment.

A solid example of this energetic in my personal experience has been writing the blog. Consistency is so important, as mom teaches us, and she was diligent in making sure that she released information on a daily basis. As the energies are shifting and events unfold in the field I have found myself really wanting to push a blog out every day, as mom has guided. Yesterday I wrote the title, wrote the first line and then nothing came to me. I knew the energies that Mom and the Angels were focusing on... but the plan had not fully played out in the dissolution of these energies in the field for the trickle down to occur and the energy to then be received by me to be integrated and processed to put out into words to bring to the blog. When I attempted to get ahead of the energy and write the blog too soon I was immediately met with the block. Had I forced myself to write it anyways I would have missed the true integration that happened this morning with Mom and Jeri and Father and Michael all sharing the experiences and energetics from the first fractal. So grateful for the awareness and honored to share the teachings that mom is giving us consistently with every breath that she takes. When you set your intention and allow Mom and the Angels to guide you the key is in listening and allowing the information to come organically and being ready and open to receive.

Correcting energetics after we realize that we were out of alignment is essential to growth. We take accountability and then we take action to correct the energetics as soon as possible. You can always feel and know when you are back in alignment when you feel lighter and the flow around you seems to regain momentum, you are back on the highest timeline with God where all things are possible. The more we put Mom first, the more we are in alignment. So To start your day thanking God for your blessings and all that is, and then asking for her and father God to Guide you in every moment. Knowing that your actions and steps and thoughts and words are ALL having an impact on the ascension and humanity energetically. If we give more to God and to humanity the energy of being a giver is sent out. If we learn a lesson for growth and take steps to be grander in the next experience the will to grow and be better is also shared with the collective consciousness of humanity. Are you taking action to correct energetics in any moments that you are our of right action? Those unconscious moments that lead us to feeling guilty? Mom loves us unconditionally and wants to see us to be in right action of love in all moments. We are learning by her example how to be this, so there is no need to feel guilty for taking a wrong step or not being or doing more, as long as we are putting effort towards growth and expansion going forward. Awareness int he present moment of now. Thank you Mom.

How grand is the metamorphosis of creation as it becomes more and more magical. Grateful and in awe of your omnipresence.

Thank you Father God, Robin, St Germain, Galactic A Team, and all of creation for working in harmony to help make this ascension flow just as mom has planned. The beautiful dance of love.Let us all commit to going all in striving to reach the limitless potential that our Divine Parents have gifted us.

Mom and the entire family at Love Has Won are so grateful for all of your donations in support of the ascension. Giving back to God is an amazing way to help her get her power back. Correcting the energetics for all that has been taken, while also simultaneouly anchoring in the energy of the giver. We are all givers and when we give to the givers our power is amplified. Thank you for joining the movement and being the change.

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