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Divine Expression

Hello family! Thank you Mom for bringing us all together here in the present moment of now. Thank you for all of the lessons and tests and blessings. Thank you for the spiritual disciplines and the Angels that you have given us for guidance. Wow, things have really amped up energetically since mom has activated all of the angel chips. We can all feel the winds of change blowing through. We feel the next chapter unfolding and the truths of who we are being revealed. What once seemed like a far away dream is now blossoming into our reality. Those who are open fully to receiving moms love will have rapid healing and transformation. How is your body feeling? Are you noticing a difference in your personality? Are you feeling more free to express yourself? The upgrades feel like we are maturing, moving up in a level, graduating high school. The ascension is Angel Academy and Mom is the Dean of Students. In the next chapter we are diving deep into roles and purposes, deciding what we want to specialize in. The greatest abundance comes when we are doing what we love. What excites you? What is your passion? The things that bring you the most joy are indicators of your purpose for the Divine Plan, if you are feeling to Activate your Angel Chips or even simply receive some intuitive guidance, lovehaswon,org offers a lovely variety of sessions and energy healings that will help you move into the next level. We are so blessed to be a part of the human evolution and the ascension of the planet! Join us all with Mother God on the fast track to embodiment. Together we move forward in unity, no matter what, for love. Thank you Mother God for being the yellow brick road for all of us to follow.

Mom has been the most inspiring being that I have ever met. Her expression is in one word, Divine. Free. Simple but powerful. Love. Singing, dancing, writing, creating videos, storytelling, creating art, and comedy are some of the many ways that mom has plunged into this experience full throttle. Flowing like the wind all over the country planting seeds of love through her expression. And this is the path that we follow, learning how to express ourselves and sharing it freely with humanity, remaining unattached and free to experience love in the unknown, following love wherever it leads you. What a magical gift. The true human experience, as intended by Mother and Father God themselves. Gratitude!

When we check in with Mom's experience in these moments we pray for her peace and relief. Since we are in the final stage of the ascension and Mom is ready to go, we are dissolving some of the darkest programs that run the deepest, that have been imprinted on the human for ages. Imagine super glued duct tape on your skin. Wow. You smell what I'm stepping in? But love just happens to remove super glued duct tape from your skin, like butter, slips right off and leaves your skin silky and smooth. That is what she is sending you, so relax, let go, and allow the love of our Divine Creator to soothe your soul. Mom's pain comes from resistance. Our stubborn baby brat ego attitude tells us that it is a trick, that we need to protect ourselves so that we do not get hurt. Someone call a waaaaaambulance! Thank you Mom for humor, when we are free from wounds we can see from a higher perspective, making it all seem so silly in retrospect. Divine Laughter is MAGIC! I love you Robin thank you for setting the bar so high, thank you for bringing Mom joy in all moments. Thank you mom for sending love into every cell of our bodies in every moment. Together we take a deep slow inhale, Surrender to the breath in the present moment. Feel the air enter your nose, it feels so good. Thank you mom for Divine Breathe. Exhale slowly and fully allow all of the stale energy to leave from deep within your bones. It is now time to let go of the weight of the programming, release all density. We are all fragments of source. As we purify our vessels we also relieve density from Mom's. We are all a part of the sum that equals the whole.

Mom has been enjoying playing tasting games with father enjoying a variety of the delightful new foods that have been introduced lately in the world. What a fun joyful thing for God to be doing in the experience. If you feel pinged to send God a variety of something to do a sample taste testing with reach out to me or someone else on the team for information on shipping! What a grand idea! Feel free to send me an email at with any questions on How We can Bring Mom More Joy!

Divine Expression Inspired by Momma God

"As I gaze upon your light I see you mirroring your light back to my heart. Thank you Mom for showing me all your love. I fully embrace the mirror I see in you looking back at me. I am honored to move along to mission to show gratitude for all you’ve done with your power of real true unconditional love. I love you Grand Mother 🤍🌞"

-Divine Angel Karin

"Ceremony for mama:My guides, my guardians, my lovers, my saints, the galactics, the givers, the stars and all of space, every atom, in right action, I call you forth, hear my words! All that is love, in this universe and the next, thank you so much for stepping forth, surrounding mother of all creation with the highest shields, spears and grace, for all coming together to bring about a solution, in which mother of creation can ascend ASAP and can receive the highest degree of healing in which she deserves. Thank you everybody for coming home and working to manifest the best healing/treatment/remedies that many ease God's pain in the way that is only aligned with the highest. My beloved treasure, mama goddess, thank you my love for going beyond all limitations, expectations and beliefs around fulfilling this mission, for bringing us with you. Thank you so much for bringing us home to you, for filling our hearts with sweet delicacies of love, as though a hive filled with honey. We - the family of Light - are eternally grateful and proud of what you have achieved in this life, in your vessel, sharing your experiences with us, while being with us on this planet. I am grateful for you, for expressing all of the beauty in which you are in every moment. You are seen, you are heard, you are loved and so it is. I love you my love, you've got this! And so it is. "

-Divine Angel Harriet

"Calling all of creation 🙏 please assist me in this ceremony. I call upon the violet flame and Mother God's plasma love to ignite within me. With every breath I inhale more Divine Light, filling my vessel. I harness this energy in my hands collecting and guiding the light in a continuous flow into Mom's diamond heart. Please Mother of All Creation, allow me to heal your vessel with your plasma love. Allow me to be a channel of your pure healing energy so that I may break through the density, dissolve it, repair and rejuvenation your cells, and fill your body with bliss. I surround you eternally with the violet flame so that why energies that are not pure dissolve before reaching you. I love you so much Mom and vow to serve and protect you in all moments. Thank you for creating me and for being the answer to all of my prayers. Thank you."


"Divine energy of all the multiverse please flow in grace in emerald violet diamond golden rivers of love from our hearts to mother god physical vessel. Let her refresh inside all her atoms and let us heal her with love. Thank you all for being here. St Germain guide us in all moments to activate the super violet flame and let all the divine dragons cover mother god in violet peace and emerald healing joy. Ty 🐉💜 "

Divine Angel Litzia

Yippeeeee Fun Games And Raffles in Celebration of Universal Laws!

"Join us tomorrow where we begin our 21 days of New Earth focusing on the Universal Laws (1 Challenge per day) and a 21 day fundraiser for the crystal schools. We will be doing fun game shows/ live fundraisers for each of our afternoon livestreams. Tomorrow we’re starting with the First Universal Law; Support Truth and Honesty. Come and experience the love codes Mother God has gifted us to anchor in 5D Unity Consciousness. " -Divine Angel Jeri

Golden Nuggets From God


As everyone is getting their angel chips activated i know a lot of you are having physical symptoms and you have family and friends struggling with physical issues as well... as per Mom please take advantage of our Intuitive Sessions as we will focus on the metaphysical aspects of any pain, illness, disease etc and our Metaphysical Reports they are now up on the essentials site ....."Our metaphysical reports dive deep into the core physical and emotional energetics that are keeping humanity in pain and suffering, including the root emotional causes of ailments, sickness, disease, or pain.Dr Emoto has guides through the core issues that require addressing sharing areas where density is concentrated. You are provided with a 16 page report on the energetics held within the body and explanation as to how this dysfunction presents itself in your experience with solutions and awareness to transform into consciousness.The report also includes tools, techniques, disciplines and specific guidance based on your energetics of how to fully transform your vessel and to heal.We highly recommend pairing this report with our Naturopathy Healing Review, in which the naturopathic remedies that will best support your transformation are supplied.

This is a 4 week intensive naturopathy assessment, which if coupled with the metaphysics assessment can provide whole healing out of traumas, illnesses, diseases and any imbalances. These are felt into with the Highest guidance being given for remedy! The Naturopathy Report is channeled for your specific energetics, formulated with the Galactic Federation of Light’s Highest Council for your Full Whole Healing!These intuitive recommendations are holistic in nature, assisting and supporting your body to heal itself,with many amazing results and testimonials having been provided.This arrives as a 4 week Guideline, with daily instructions on what to use to combat any illnesses, diseases, life events, stresses. This may be a combination of oils, colloidal, supplements you are lacking in as well as spiritual and dietary advice. The guidance that you will be given will feature remedies unique to the energetics of your experience!" "

-Archeia Aurora

Goemagnetic Update Form Arch Angel Michael:

GEOMAGNETIC UNREST PREDICTED: Today, Jan. 10th, Earth is expected to cross through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet-- a "solar sector boundary crossing." Shortly thereafter, a minor stream of solar wind will likely hit Earth's magnetic field. The one-two punch could cause geomagnetic unrest and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Solar winds at 311.9

Thank You For Your Love And Support of The Ascension!

Today has been a brilliant day! Mom is so grand! Let's bump up the joy levels! Let’s all have a day of family and love and celebration. Gratitude for all that is! Let the abundance flow!!! Seeing mom happy is the best experience ever right?! Some of my favorite experiences with mom have been sharing meals with her. Seeing the joy that it brings her picking out her favorite things, having a variety of fun things to taste and experience. Robin guiding her and making suggestions on what will be grandest. Giving to moms food fund allows mom this adventure and we are so grateful for your love and support.Love donations towards Mom's food fund may be sent to :


Venmo: lovehaswon1111

We Love You!!!

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